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Big Square Single Wooden Compost Bin Ultimate Starter Set - Save 10%

Big Square Single Wooden Compost Bin Ultimate Starter Set - Save 10%

The Big Square Single Wooden Compost Bin Ultimate Starter Set 

Save: an incredible 10% off RRP when purchasing all these items together:

Big Square Single Compost Bin Starter Set includes:

  • 1 x Big Square Single FSC Wooden Compost Bin
  • 1 x Big Square Wooden Lid
  • 1 x Big Square Compost Duvet
  • 1 x Bottle of Compost Magic (500 ml)
  • 1 x Compost Pitchfork

Save: Price to purchase separately would be £215.55 but buy as a bundle and pay ONLY £193.99 - saving you 10%! 

Quote Discount Code ULTIMATE at checkout to obtain your discount.

1. The Big Square Single Wooden Modular Compost Bin

Assembles: No Nails No Screws and No Holes to Dig, meaning it can be fully assembled in under 5 minutes.

Specifications: H 75cm x W 120cm x D 120cm

Capacity: 1080 litres

Benefits: Suitable for garden, allotment and kitchen waste and features sliding panels for easy access.  The closed sides prevent drying out and uneven composting and it is made out of solid wood, which is porous and insulating and sourced from managed forests.  More 3-sided modules can be added in future to double or treble the capacity, thus saving you money.

Handmade: in our workshop in the Ribble Valley, our Wooden Compost Bins are of exceptional quality - no wonder they're our best sellers together with the huge variety of Raised Beds and Garden Storage Solutions!  

2. BS Compost Bin Lid Keep out unwanted visitors, Sits inside the top of your Compost Bin. Folds open for easy managment.

3. BS Compost Duvet 1 x 1m approx Sits right on the surface of the compost and keeps in the natural warmth enabling the compost to decompose more quickly

4. 500ml Compost Magic accelerates the naturally slow composting of brown materials.

5. Compost Pitchfork Easy lifting big bundles of garden waste.

Information about our wood Download

Compost Bug Survey - Download here to take part.

Product Sustainability Analysis - Download

Customer Comments:
"Brilliant design, so easy to erect, excellent value for money. Quilt assures compost has a comfortable night. Highly recommended product -supporting literature - excellent!" J.Winterbottom, Swanage

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