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Boards for 'Classic' Wooden Compost Bins / Raised Beds 90cm/3ft sides/

Boards for 'Classic' Wooden Compost Bins / Raised Beds 90cm/3ft sides/

Gardening Works Raised Beds and Compost Bins are a construction format consisting of interlocking wooden boards and posts

Spare Boards for 90cm sides of Classic Bins and Raised Beds


  • Ended Boards
  • Green or Chestnut
  • Regular Boards are 1.5cm planed. 15 x 83cm x 1.5cm approx
  • Robust/Superior Boards are 2cm planed 15 x 83 x 2cm approx
  • Both thickness are completely interchangable
  • Baton Boards, single or double, for wooden lids 40p extra
  • Baton Boards are 1.5cm thickness allowing a good fit for the Lid

Planing wood gives a smooth finish, prevents splinters and makes it difficult for bugs in the compost to get a hold. It also makes the boards easier to slide in and out of the groves in the posts.


  • Classic Compost Bins and Modules
  • Classic Raised Beds and Classic Wheelchair Raised Beds
  • Long Raised Beds (short 90cm sides)
  • Classic Corner Raised Beds (2 of 3 sides)
  • Classic Mangers and Troughs
  • Classic Table Raised Beds
  • Potting Tables

The picture above is an ended board, see detailed view for other sizes.

Plain Boards can be used to alternate between ended boards and still retain stability.
If you require more boards than the options offer, please contact the sales office on 01254 820088 or email:

Information about our wood Download

Compost Bug Survey - Download here to take part. 

Wood is a live material & all trees are different. Weather is different and eventually some parts will become worn unevenly
Occasionally you may need to replace a part of your wooden Compost Bin.

Product Documentation
FSC Wood File Size: (7kb)
1 CB-EB110
1.00 kgs

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