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Cloche Hoops for Raised Beds

Cloche Hoops for Raised Beds

Cloche Hoops for Raised Beds

Materials UV stable polypropylene

Sizes Available in 3 length options, so that can alter the hieght of hoops. This is a guide as any hoop will fit any of our Raised Beds with posts.

  • 1.5m for the 'Classic Beds'. Very suitable cover up to 1m high.  These hoops will cover most surface grown plants generously.
  • 2.4m  for the 'Long & Big Square Beds' and for high cover over the 'Classic Beds'. These hoops will cover plants generously with a hieght of up to 1.3m, giving a really high cover
  • 3m for very high cover over the 'Classic' beds or  when used with the 'Long' & 'Big Square Beds', gives a height cover for 1.3m


How to:
These cloche hoops simply slot firmly & securely into the posts of our Raised Beds and Compost Bins for those who cultivate at wheelchair height) in a trice!
You can make longer taller hoops for your crops by joining two cloche hoops together. How? Just ask us and we will drill a hole in the ends and supply Nuts and Bolts (4 for £1.00) to join them in the middle at the top. If so, please call the sales office on 01254 820088

Very secure and will not budge. You can remove them any time without disturbing the crop too.

Adjustable Clearance height variable from 0.5M

Adaptable: For Raised Beds without the Recycle Works posts simply tack the hoops to opposite sides of your beds

1.5m Hoop - £2,00 each, 2.4m - £2.50 each, 3m - £3.00 each. See Options


1 RB Hoops-1.5+5
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