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Covers for Soil & Crop Protection

Covers for Soil & Crop Protection

Covers for Soil & Crop Protection

Bird Netting

  • KEEP OFF Birds Cats, Squirrels, and in our case dogs who eat unripe strawberries!
  • Good for peas and beans
  • 5.5 x 2m wide for £10.00

Clear Polythene Cloche Film

  • 5.5m x 2m wide for £7.80
  • Protects from birds, late frosts, cold summer spells and torrential rain.
  • Clear for admitting light and sunshine
  • 38micron general purpose horticultural film
  • Allows through ventilation
  • Rainproof, retains heat, acts as a wind barrier

Frost Protection Fleece

  • 5.5m x 2m wide for £7.40
  • Keep out frost and icy winds. Warm up the soil for spring planting.
  • Use when growing Lettuce outside. Can roll cover away for the daytime
  • Keeps away birds, cats, wind and aphids

Wide Crop Protection Fleece

  • 6m x 3.2m wide for £10.85
  • Keep aphids, carrot fly and other pests away allowing air to circulate and rain to get through

Enviromesh Extra Fine Netting - 2m x 5m  £11.75

No need to spray crops with chemicals with this strong and durable mesh netting that can be watered through.

Prevents damage from

  • Carrot fly
  • Cabbage root fly
  • Cabbage-white butterfly
  • Caterpillars
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Wind and hail

Tip! Secure to hoops or frames used for protection fleece or cover a doorway to stop them getting in !!

Hint: when using cloche hoops security of the cover is helped by alternating the covers under and over the hoops.

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