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EM Garden Yoghurt Activator

EM Garden Yoghurt Activator

EM 'Garden Yoghurt' Activator. This EM Activator will make 1 litre of Activated EM  EM-A. EM-A wil promote natural resistance to harmful bacteria and release good bioactive substances.  EM-A can be applied in your home & garden and will result in a healthy home!

The EM-Activator is the most cost effective method of using EM in the home and garden and is made by fermenting a mixture of EM1 culture with molasses and water.  The EM-A can then be further diluted with water for applying to the garden and for cleaning.

The EM-Activator is electronically operated and is thermostatically controlled and will produce 1 litre of EM-A in 7 days.  It comes supplied with 250ml bottles of EM culture and molasses - enough for the production of 5 litres of EM-A.

One of our customers, Mr Newton of Coventry told us:-
"I've been trying EM's in my garden for the last few years now and last year my peas were 5ft high and my beans were 10ft high - I had to use step ladders to pick them! This year I'm going to use EM's all over my allotment."

EM Garden Yoghurt Activator Kit includes:

  • The EM-Activator, enough to treat 500 square metres of any type of soil
  • 250ml effective micro-organisms (EM) in an inert liquid form
  • 250ml A+ natural liquid activating agent
  • Usage instructions - See PDF download below.


Product Documentation
Yoghurt Maker Fact Sheet File Size: (163kb)
12 EM-GY

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