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EM-X Ceramic Pipes 10mm

EM-X Ceramic Pipes 10mm

Effective Micro-organisms are fermented with speical clays and then baked to form the products known as EM ceramics. Their positive effects can therefore be retained for a long time in the ceramics. EM ceramics are therefore excellently suited to be used in water.

The pipes can be reused and will last for at least 10 years.

EM ceramics are used at the ratio of 1Kg per 1000 Litres of water - a 250gm bag will treat 250 litres.

Identical to the othe EM ceramics, these can drinking water or can be used in fish tanks, fish ponds or bird baths to stop the water from going green. In addition, you can add the eramics to your dishwasher or washing machine to improve their performance and prevent rust formation.

If your kettle 'furs' - just add a few pipes and see the change! The boiling the ceramics won't effect their performance.

For smaller quantities please use the option below, where you can try out a 20 gm sample, enough to treat 20 litres of water.

Please use the Options below to select the quantity of ceramics you require.


12 EM-CER20
0.00 kgs

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