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Free Standing Wooden Plant or Vegetable Manger Trough Crib Planter

Free Standing Wooden Plant or Vegetable Manger Trough Crib Planter

Free Standing Wooden Manger Crib Planter Vegetable and Flower Beds

No Nails, No Screws Assembly

4 sizes, 3 lengths 11 variations, constructed uniquely,

Ornamental Wooden Troughs are shallow and a perfect size for salads or a colourful flower display of bedding plants – plants that look warmly colourful and which good cooks love to use for garnishing summer dishes. Salads will grow ideally in these troughs.

We recommend that you use copper tape all round the top lip or round the legs of the shallow mangers as the slugs may beat you to the feast.

These  really pretty free-standing trough planters are constructed in Gardening Works own unique style and extremely easy to assemble. They will not dominate your patio, but will add to the environmmental atmosphere. Each planter is supplied with a liner. These Wooden Manger planters are also ideal for those looking for an accessible gardening product that provides easy access.

Yes, we do sell hundreds of them at Christmas too!

Sizes & Options: Measurements are overall and will vary slightly as wood expands and contracts a little with humidity. All measurements are therefore approximate as are the volumes, which are there as a guide to the amount of compost required to fill the mangers.

Measurements:  1. Overall Footprint. 2.Height from floor. 3 Approx max depth of bed. 4 Top growing surface. (All in cm's and shown in order)

These can also be downloaded as a PDF HERE

                             Vol.           Measurements        

Trough Manger: 1 board growing depth           

Code TM60        6L            1: 70 x 26cm     2: 24cm   3: 10cm  
Code:TM90        8L            1: 90 x 26cm     2: 24cm   3: 10cm  
Code:TM120    10L           1:118 x 26cm    2: 24cm   3: 10cm 

Standard Manger: 2 board growing depth

Code: SM 60    22L           1: 70 x 47cm      2: 40cm   3: 20cm  4: 37 x 60cm   
Code: SM 90    32L           1: 90 x 47cm      2: 40cm   3: 20cm  4: 37 x 82cm    
Code: SM 120  40L          1:118 x 47cm     2: 40cm   3: 20cm  4: 37 x 110cm 

Deep Manger: 3 board growing depth

Code: DM 60    52L          1: 70 x 65cm      2: 60cm   3: 30cm  4: 57 x  60cm  
Code: DM 90    77L          1: 90 x 65cm      2: 60cm   3: 30cm  4: 57 x 82cm   
Code: DM 120  99L          1:118 x 65c        2: 60cm   3: 30cm  4: 57 x 110cm 

Family Manger: 4 board growing depth

Code: FM 90    136L        1: 90 x 88cm      2: 80cm   3: 40cm   4: 80 x 82cm   
Code: FM 120  176L        1:118 x 88cm    2: 80cm   3: 40cm  4: 80 x 110cm  


  • Manger planters are very decorative and practical
  • For GYO and for flower beds
  • Perfect for standing/sitting gardeners
  • For small patio gardens
  • For wheelchair gardening and
  • Billiant for a child to gain all round experience in his own portable patch!

Select the Manger Bed of your choice using the the relevant code in the options below.

The Manger Beds are also available in GREEN for 5% extra - See Detailed Images

N.B. Gardening Works Cloche Hoops and Covers will work well with the Manger Beds

Add-on Manger Bed Wooden Modules will double the capacity in a few minutes and at a budget price.

Add-on Trough Modules make a infinitely decorative boundary between different parts of the garden.

Download the Wooden Manger Bed Assembly Instructions

Information about our wood Download

1 TM-1-60
3.00 kgs
Wooden Raised Bed

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