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Plug and Grow Horticultural Light Kit

Plug and Grow Horticultural Light Kit 

Plug and grow horticultural grow light - plug it in - and place above your plants and you’re growing!

Envirolite is a specifically designed 200W energy saving grow lamp.
Delivers the light within the correct spectrum which the plants need.
These lights do not generate excessive heat.

The kit comprises the revolutionary ‘envirolite’ horticultural lamp. (White Lamp supplied)
A quality reflector pre-wired to a standard plug.
A pair of innovative ‘easyroll’ hangers that allows simple setting to the required height above your plants.

The mirror finish reflector ‘washes’ the light over the plants so that above normal growth is achieved. You can grow indoors all year round, all day and all night from tomato plants to bedding plants, from orchids to house plants,without any natural daylight whatsoever.

Growing herbs  in your kitchen, tomatoes in your garage, greenhouse or shed. Propagate seedlings in the spare bedroom - you will be amazed by the results.

Pink light bulb for encouraging flower production is availabhle separately.

3.50 kgs

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