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Posts for Wooden Compost Bins / Raised Beds

Posts for Wooden Compost Bins / Raised Beds

Gardening Works Raised Beds and Compost Bins are a construction format consisting of interlocking wooden boards and posts

These upright Posts are exactly the same as we use for the Wooden Modular Compost Bins and Raised Plots

Options: Green or Chestnut 

There are  5 size options for upright posts for Wooden Compost Bins/ Wooden Raised Beds, Grow Table Gardens and Planters

1. 15cm - Salubrious Salad Beds – Starter Kits – Mini Raised Beds
2. 30cm - Standard Raised Beds
3. 45cm - Deep Raised Beds - Kid's Compost Bins, WOW wormery Med
4. 60cm – Children’s Wheelchair height – optional extended height for Raised Beds, WOW Wormery Lge,
5. 75cm – Classic Compost Bins - Wheelchairs Raised Beds – Compact Composter - Grow Tables
6. 90cm - For Professional Composters - Storage bins
7. The 37cm Pointed Posts are for Children's Allotment Plot/Economy Plots

If you require leg posts for Mangers and Trough please emal or ring 01254 820088

Firstly select the post size you require from the drop down list below and then the number of posts required using the Price Saving Option

The picture opposite is an plain post, see Detailed Images for other types

1 RB-P15-1
0.30 kgs

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