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Pure Worm Casts

Pure Worm Casts 


Worm Casts from The Recycle Works have been carefully cleaned and screened, so the product offered here is without filling and are pure worm casts.

Why should we use worm casts?

Worm Casts retain their dampness enabling Microbes and bacteria to work in the soil . They loose their real benefit when dried out. Worm Casts are alone the finest in soil quality. At almost neutral pH they are good nutrient for almost every type of plant and seedlings.

What are Worm Casts?

Most of us recognise worm casts as the little mounds of curly soil on top of our well manicured lawn. These mounds are worm poo, or worm casts.

Where should you use worm casts?

  • Worm Casts can be used anywhere in the garden but is particularly beneficial when used at seed sowing or planting out stage.
  • Use in garden and allotment plots.
  • Use in planters tubs, pots and grow bags.
  • Sprinkle worm casts into the planting medium or in the hole/trench before planting out.
  • You will see the benefits in germination, good roots and well established plants.

To turn soil into it’s previous natural condition will take a lot of time, handwork and dedication. We can make a good start by reducing, or preferably stopping the use of chemicals altogether. First we need to improve the soil with the use of organic matter and in using worm casts we can improve conditions for plants instantly.

Soil Improvement

Mix with natural Loam (soil) to improve texture, water retentiona nd quality. Later, worms can be added to further improve soil texture and quality.
In the recent past excessive use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers has had an adverse effect on not only worms but the soil life in general.
Do not let your plants suffer from soils that are pretty depleted in natural life.

Available in 1kg, 5kg & 10kg tubs. - See Options below

All the above can be supplied in bulk and considerable savings can be made if ordered in quantity delivered to one address
Delivery by Carrier there is an extra Carriage Charge of £10.00 per consignment over 20kg for mainland delivery. Highlands and Islands extra POA  

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