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Scheppach RS400 Electric Rotary Sifter Soil Sieve

Scheppach RS400 Electric Rotary Sifter Soil Sieve

Scheppach RS400 Electric Rotary Sieve.

Top quality and top manufacturer.

Just switch it on and off you go.


  • Single-phase current 230 V / 50Hz 0.36kW (0.5hp)        
  • Overall length 1080mm and Overall height 1500mm 
  • Overall width 720mm
  • Sifting drum diameter 400mm, Sifting drum length 900mm, Sifting drum speed 35rpm
  • Sifting drum angle adjustable up to 10 degrees
  • Grid sizes available: 10mm and 20mm
  • Output depending on material 3m3 per hour and Weight approx 37kg

  Download a video of the RS400 in use.

A FREE safety pack is also included.

Scheppach RS400 Rotary Sifter - uses

  • Perfect for producing soil for cultivation. If you've ever worked with a hand or throw sifter, then you know how tiring it can be. Save valuable time and avoid aching muscles with the 
  • Ideal for loosening up lumpy garden soil by mixing it with loose earth.  If you have a stony garden, filter them out with the Rotary Sifter.  Mixing difference kinds of soils is also no problem. 
  • If your child's sandpit is dirty, you no longer need to replace the sand; simply use the Rotary Sifter to sift it - quickly and effortlessly.

The sitting drum is high enough to fit a wheelbarrow beneath to collect the sifted material and it can be tilted, so sifted waste can fall directly into a wheelbarrow or basket placed below the lower end.

The Scheppach idea of fitting the rotating drum with V-belts on both sides exposes the inlet completely and gives you plenty of room to shovel in the material. Effortlessly process large quantifies of material in a short time without causing unnecessary back pain.

Weight 51kg


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