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Classic Double Twin Wooden Compost Bin 75 x 180 x 90cm

Classic Double Twin Wooden Compost Bin 75 x 180 x 90cm

Classic Double Twin Wooden Compost Bin 


Capacity: 960 litres (approx)

Measurements 75 x 180 x 90cm - 29" x 5'9" x 36" h x w x d  (approx) 

Boards 15cm x 80cm - Choose the thickness of your boards from either Standard 1.5cm or Superior 2cm.

  • Easy to assemble, no nails, no screws no holes to dig.
  • Sliding panels for easy removal of finished compost. Get the barrow right up to your compost.
  • Solid wood is porous & insulating.
  • Closed sides prevent uneven composting.
  • Twin compartments allow for one side to mature whilst filling the other.
  • Suitable for garden & kitchen vegetable waste.
  • Designed to work below waist height preventing back strain.
  • Boards 15cm x 80cm x 1.5cm

By utilising the posts on any side of the Wooden Compost Bin and sliding new panels into them you can double, treble the size of your bin in just a few minutes by adding one or more Wooden Compost Bin Modules.

Options: Lids, Compost Duvets, available in Chestnut. Spare Boards and Posts available.

Parts interchangeable: with Superior Quality

As used by Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don and Pippa on Gardeners World TV

Customer Comments:
As you promised, the compost bin arrived today. It took my wife a little longer than 3 minutes to assemble, but I am sure that she will get faster when we have ordered the extension kit! Thanks for such 1st Class service.  David Vass.

N.B. Information about our wood and our Product Sustainability Analysis can be found in FAQs section of the website

Exciting News - The Recycle Works has been voted the WINNER in the Best Raised Bed Brand and the Most Effective Compost Bin Brand categories of the Grow Your Own Awards 2013!

Product Documentation
Our 'No Nonsense' Guide to Composting File Size: (265kb)
1 C2-T1
37.00 kgs
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