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Long Wooden Raised Bed 120cm x 90cm

Long Wooden Raised Bed 120cm x 90cm

Long Wooden Raised Bed  - Hand Made in the Ribble Valley

This high quality Long Wooden Raised Bed is ideal for the gardener who wants easy access to his plants and vegetables. It was voted GYO Magazine Award Winner as the ‘Most Useful Raised Beds 2012’. It helps the gardener keep control of soil quality and texture, gives great drainage, adds orderliness and ensures ease of tending and harvesting.

It is built to a quality that gives a long lasting solution to very gardener’s needs. All our Raised Beds are extendable with modules added to a matching side. 

Options: Our wooden raised beds are available in a range of heights:

1 Layer – 15cm (6”) high - Ideal for Salads – Starter kits – Kids Gardening

2 Layers – 30cm (12”) high – Suitable for most vegetables, Peas, Dwarf Beans

3 Layers – 45cm (18”) high – Best for root vegetables, spuds and where drainage is a big problem

4 Layers - 60cm – Showbench – Ideal root veg – Spuds - Beans - Low Wheelchair – Stand up gardening.

5 Layers - 75cm – Wheelchair – Spuds – Beans - Root Vegetables - Stand up gardening.

All Raised Beds are extendable with modules added to a matching side. The number of modules used governs the total footprint of the raised bed and additional modules can be added at a later date to increase your growing area.

Note: That if you add an additional module to an existing Raised Bed, ensure that you select a module that is either of the same depth or shallower than your existing Raised Bed.

Assembly: No Nails, No Screws, No Holes to Dig

Specification: 120 x 90cm approx

Boards: Choose the thickness of your boards from either 1.5cm or 2cm

Spare Boards and Posts always available. 


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Wooden Raised Bed

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