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Erin Excel Multi Purpose Vegetable Compost (70 Ltr Bag)

Erin Excel Multi Purpose Vegetable Compost (70 Ltr Bag) 

Erin Multi Purpose Vegetable Compost For Raised Beds (70 Litre Bag)

Bag Size: 70 Litres

For Seed sowing, potting, Raised Beds,  House plants, Containers and Hanging Baskets.

Extreme weather last year with rain and flooding spoilt some of the natural conditions from where compost ingredients are harvested so we have researched and sourced the best compost available this year for the applications above.

Based on high quality sphagnum moss peat enriched with essential plant materials. Also contains a wetting agent for easy watering.

Recommended Quantities for Raised Beds

For the Modular Raised Beds, you will require the following number of bags of the Vegetable Compost for each layer (board)

Each 'Classic' Module 90 x 90 layer takes up 2 bags
Each  'Long' Module 120 x 90 layer will use 2.5 bags
Each  'Big Square' Module 120 x 120 layer will use 4 bags

and the others!

Economy Plots x 1 layer  -  6 bags
Economy Plots x 2 layer  -  12 bags
Standard Raised bed per Compartment - 4 bags
Deep Raised Bed per Compartment  -  6 bags – deduct 2 bags for every 15cm layer of drainage
Wheelchair Raised Bed per compartment -  10 bags but recommend a layer of drainage. Deduct 2 bags for every 15cm layer of drainage

*Please note that due to the weight of this product, deliveries to AB and IV Postcodes may incur surcharges. Please contact us for further details.

Looking for a large amount of compost? If so you can purchase a pallet containing 51 bags of Multi Purpose Compost for only £334.95.

24.00 kgs

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