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Wheelchair Easy Access Wooden Raised Beds - Adults

Wheelchair Easy Access Wooden Raised Beds - Adults 

Adults Wheelchair Wooden Raised Bed.

 GYO Magazine Award Winner Most Useful Raised Beds2012

Wooden Wheelchair Wooden Raised Beds from Gardening Works. Designed for better access for either adult wheelchair users, stand up gardening or people with restricted movement. They are just the same as our other raised beds, but with higher 75cm easier access.


  • Single overall    75h x 90w x 90d cm     (607 Litres)
  • Twin overall       75h x 175w x 90d cm   (1180 Litres)
  • Triple overall     75h x 260w x 90d cm    (1404 Litres)
  • 3 Sided add-on 75h x 90w x 90d cm      (607 Litres)

Raised Beds

  • allow plant roots to grow long, straight and strong.
  • The crop will be easy to harvest to perfection.
  • Ideal if your plot has poor drainage.
  • Wood will insulate the soil preventing side heat loss.


Comes in Chestnut also available in GREEN (+5% extra) Spare Boards and Posts available Cloche Hoops avalable

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